How To Get A Minecraft Server For Free?

Minecraft Server Hosting Features and Benefits[/caption]If you enjoy playing Minecraft, you might enjoy it more playing with your friends and colleagues! The problem is that server hosting companies charge a lot for Minecraft servers. They even charge more for useless addons. Some of them don’t even provide quality customer support. This is a huge burden if you just want to have fun.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Minecaft servers, read about it here.

If you’re already renting a Minecraft server, you may just be wasting money on monthly fees. You may not know already, but there are free Minecraft server solutions available for you, that are just as good as paid Minecraft servers.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to start a Minecraft server, you might as well continue reading and rid yourself of all the financial burden of server costs in the future by learning how you can apply for a free Minecraft server. Fortunately, there are no membership requirements and as of the moment, they are not putting any daily limitations. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll be able to play and customize right away!

Minecraft Server Hosting Features and Benefits

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This all sees too good to be true. How can this be possible? Obviously, someone has got to pay for those server that are running somewhere in the world. Ever since Minecraft servers became famous, we have had a lot of generous sponsors from all over the world.

You don’t even need to worry about server performance. Their servers are fully equip with the latest technology and software. This is just like buying an expensive dedicated server, except that it’s free.

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What is a Minecraft Server?

what is a minecraft server

Minecraft is very famous for its multiplayer capability. In order to play together with different people, you need a Minecraft server to host a game for everyone to connect. A Minecraft server is just a server or a virtual server on which Minecraft is installed and is publicly available on the internet. This allows you to play together with your friends, work together, and make a community of members.

Getting Started with Minecraft Servers

Setting up a server may be difficult for beginners as it requires technical knowledge. If you have no knowledge on networking and server management at all, you have two options. You can go learn how to do it by reading tutorials and wikis or you can rent a virtual server in which everything is set up for you.

More Control

Minecraft servers opens a lot of customization. You are allowed to install your favorite plugins and override different configurations. Server administrators have root control of their Minecraft server through the Multi-craft panel. The Multi-craft panel allows you to add plugins and add/remove members from your server. In addition, you can even restart your own server and see resource usage statistics. If Minecraft is using up most of your server’s resource, it’s best to upgrade your RAM right away as mentioned in my previous article on improving Minecraft servers’ performance.

Types of Minecraft Servers

There are many many types of Minecraft servers out there but the most common ones are FactionPVP, PvP/Survival, and Economy. If you have a Minecraft server yourself, you can configure these types of Minecraft games with ease.

Server Management

A Minecraft server needs basic management as there are problems that could be met as the server expands for more members. It is important to remember that Minecraft is naturally a memory-demanding game. As such, keep an eye on your RAM usage and upgrade whenever it starts to become necessary. Otherwise, your players will start to suffer gameplay lag which will ruin all the fun for them.

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How To Speed Up Your Minecraft Server


Maintaining seamless performance is a vital task that server management demands. When you run your own Minecraft server, there are many challenges and difficulties you’ll stumble over. One of these is coping with increasing resource demands. Low performance will cause your server to lag more often than you think. Any level of lag will be visible to your players and will deteriorate gameplay experience for them. Lag will present itself as repetitive freezes during gameplay and slow data fetching.

As you start a Minecraft Server, you’ll be inviting more and more players to come and join, the demand for resource will start to skyrocket. Playing video games will always demand seamlessness. Gameplay lag is un-ignorable and once it starts to occur, players will begin to lose patience and complain about the issue to the server administrator. This article will fully equip with the proper knowledge on how to remedy the common causes of server lag, and solutions to boost server performance.

There are many many tricks on speeding up your Minecraft servers out there. These are some basic tips that should give you a big benefit. It’s important that you put these in mind.

Update to the Latest Minecraft

Older versions of Minecraft tend to be less efficient in performance. Up-to-date software ensures the least bugs and the best gameplay. If you’re a Minecraft server manager yourself, this should be very basic and easy to do. Despite the ease of this task, many still tend to ignore newer releases and stick to obsolete and bug-prone software. This is bad practice. Once you are notified of a new release, you should right away install the latest version.

Upgrading Server Software

If you’re running Bukkit, Vanilla, or Tekkit, you should keep yourself updated of the latest releases to know when to install updates. Newer versions have performance benefits as opposed to old releases. Give yourself a performance boost by upgrading your server software.

Upgrade Your RAM

The most important factor in determining a Minecraft server’s performance is RAM. The reason is that Minecraft is naturally a memory-demanding multiplayer game. As more and more players join your server, Minecraft begins to consume more of your RAM. Once it starts to consume every byte of your RAM, you will start to experience lag and the server will block new players from coming in. If you’re looking to expand your server for more players, you should keep an eye on your RAM and upgrade whenever necessary. This should keep you peaceful in the long run.

Switch to the Dedicated Solution

Most of the Minecraft servers today are hosted on shared solutions. As a result, overall performance is very dependent on other Minecraft virtual servers hosted on the same server. This type of solution tends to be very inefficient. Minecraft servers have recently become a target of DDoS attacks (server attacks), so if a virtual server is DDoS’ed, all virtual servers will be affected in the same way. Dedicated solutions will surely bring you peace of mind. You will have exclusive usage to server resources. While Dedicated Servers are very expensive, it should be worth having if you’re looking to expand your Minecraft server.

Whether you’re already experiencing lag or would like to avoid it in the future, these basic tips will prove effective once you implement them. Keep an eye on latest software and upgrade your hardware, especially RAM when needed. It’s a good habit to get into. Don’t wait for problems to come, keep an eye on possible issues, and you should be in peace in the long run.

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What is Minecraft?

what is minecraft

You probably have seen this game discussed everywhere on the internet. It has become more and more famous ever since it was created. By simply observing gameplays, you can easily get a grasp of what this game is about and why people enjoy it. If you’re still curious or if you are looking for more definitive information, you’ve come to the right place.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was initially created by Markus Persson. A sandbox video game is also known as a free-roaming video game. This type of game is actually pretty straightforward in concept and fun! In a sandbox game, you are given minimal restrictions and can do whatever you want in your own virtual world. Minecraft simulates a virtual world for players where they can make their own adventure! Minecraft allows players to build objects, buildings and other 3D structures using blocks of various materials. This makes it fun as you can experiment with your creativity and build big and unique constructions. These building blocks are small, but when you start to build larger things, you’ll find yourself amused!

Game Modes

Minecraft allows you to play in different modes. There are basically 5 modes, namely Survival mode, Hardcore mode, Creative mode, Adventure mode, and Spectator mode. These modes allow different types of gameplay and rules. In Survival mode, your main objectives are to maintain your own survival by gathering materials and food, and hunt for monsters. Hardcore mode is an even more difficult mode than Survival mode as there are more limitations imposed such as the inability to respawn. In creative mode, you are given unlimited blocks and resources, this is where you can freely create your own constructions without worrying about running out of resources. Spectator mode is actually an additional mode in more recent versions. It allows you to spectate and roam around Minecraft games without actually being present in it.

Minecraft in Creative Mode

Minecraft in Creative Mode

Multiplayer Mode and Minecraft Servers

Minecraft can also be played in multiplayer mode where you can build communities and set territories. This is where Minecraft servers come to play. A minecraft server is simply a server in the internet which hosts a Minecraft game where your friends and colleagues can connect. Multiplayer mode allows collaboration and even more fun! Minecraft servers extend the fun in sandbox gaming by allowing players to even more customize their virtual world using additional plugins and configurations. If you’re interested in learning more about Minecraft servers and how they work, read more here.

Minecraft is known for being an enjoyable game. A lot of kids and teenagers play it for fun and even if you are an adult, it is still enjoyable. If you like building unique stuff and playing with your creativity, you might have a lot of fun playing it! It’s actually very easy to start playing Minecraft. To get started, you need to create a Minecraft account and download the latest Minecraft Client. Once, you’ve done those two, you can start playing Minecraft on your PC! This type of game is beginner-friendly as you are given barely any rules. You don’t need to worry about how to play this game, you basically just move your player with A-S-W-D and navigate with the mouse. Maybe after a few days of playing the game, you’ll find yourself building amazing constructions!