What is a Minecraft Server?

what is a minecraft server

Minecraft is very famous for its multiplayer capability. In order to play together with different people, you need a Minecraft server to host a game for everyone to connect. A Minecraft server is just a server or a virtual server on which Minecraft is installed and is publicly available on the internet. This allows you to play together with your friends, work together, and make a community of members.

Getting Started with Minecraft Servers

Setting up a server may be difficult for beginners as it requires technical knowledge. If you have no knowledge on networking and server management at all, you have two options. You can go learn how to do it by reading tutorials and wikis or you can rent a virtual server in which everything is set up for you.

More Control

Minecraft servers opens a lot of customization. You are allowed to install your favorite plugins and override different configurations. Server administrators have root control of their Minecraft server through the Multi-craft panel. The Multi-craft panel allows you to add plugins and add/remove members from your server. In addition, you can even restart your own server and see resource usage statistics. If Minecraft is using up most of your server’s resource, it’s best to upgrade your RAM right away as mentioned in my previous article on improving Minecraft servers’ performance.

Types of Minecraft Servers

There are many many types of Minecraft servers out there but the most common ones are FactionPVP, PvP/Survival, and Economy. If you have a Minecraft server yourself, you can configure these types of Minecraft games with ease.

Server Management

A Minecraft server needs basic management as there are problems that could be met as the server expands for more members. It is important to remember that Minecraft is naturally a memory-demanding game. As such, keep an eye on your RAM usage and upgrade whenever it starts to become necessary. Otherwise, your players will start to suffer gameplay lag which will ruin all the fun for them.

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